Brad Kabanuk, Esq

Brad Kabanuk, Esq.

Founder & President

Given his industry expertise as a licensed attorney and compliance practitioner, Brad understands that compliance training must be personalized to each company’s business operations and individual employees in order to be the most effective. This key insight is the foundation upon which he built Content Enablers, and continues to be the standard that the company uses when designing customized online training for each client. In addition to driving Content Enablers’ overarching strategy and business initiatives, Brad oversees the creative development and design process to maximize the user experience and presentation of the training content. Prior to founding Content Enablers, Brad pioneered the development of, the first web-based solution for managing the complex international trade process – from planning and evaluation to marketing, sales, compliance, finance, and shipping. Export-Link was acquired by NextLinx, Corp., where Brad worked for two years as vice president of online services. He also served as a vice president for international services for a major Washington, D.C. defense contractor and as an international trade advisor for the State of Minnesota.


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