Third-Party Trade Compliance Training

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Your agents, consultants, vendors, suppliers, distributors, and other business partners can create significant potential liability for your company based on their actions. Learn how our Enterprise Insight Program can help you to reduce your third-party trade compliance risks while simultaneously improving supply chain performance.

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Third-Party Training to Mitigate Compliance Risk: A Business Case.

The regulatory environment for global trade has never been more dynamic or more complex: international trade regulations are increasingly complicated, global enforcement efforts more concerted, trade agreements less certain, and sudden sanctions or embargoes more frequent than ever before.

And the risks of noncompliance by third parties – even inadvertent noncompliance – has never been greater.
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Driving Efficiancy & Reducing Risk: Traing your Global Supply Chain

All too often, companies fail to recognize the international trade compliance risks inherent in their supply and distribution chains and how the absence of third-party training in these areas leaves them exposed to significant disruptions and potentially devastating damage from the compliance failures of their agents, consultants, vendors, suppliers, distributors, and other business partners.

Watch this Content Enablers COMPLIANCE 2021 webinar featuring leading experts from FTI Consulting sharing:

  • Practical insights into third-party due diligence and supply chain compliance training,
  • How companies often fail to recognize the international trade compliance risks inherent across their end-to-end supply chain, 
  • The importance of effective third-party training in mitigating compliance failures and developing a competitive advantage,
  • And much more.

Webinar length: 1 hour, 33 minutes


Recognized as the most comprehensive online global trade compliance training solution, our platform is used by leading companies around the world, ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses that create the products...Read more