Argentina Export Controls

Export Controls.

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CE’s Argentina export module offers trade compliance training focused on the sanctions and embargoes regulations and dual-use and military controls of Argentina. Topics covered include recognising an export and an overview of the dual-use and military control regimes of Argentina and its relevant regulatory authorities. This course also illustrates compliance issues in real-world situations through an extensive selection of role-based scenarios. The course is designed to be configured using the CE Curator to develop training targeted to a user’s specific needs – based on things like job function, location, or compliance responsibility – and then personalised to reflect company-specific compliance policies and procedures.

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Employees seeking to gain a solid awareness of the export controls of Argentina
Provide an overview of the export control laws and regulations of Argentina.
Provide scenarios describing situations involving a variety of business processes – including marketing, engineering, and HR – to illustrate how export controls can affect a company’s daily activities.
Argentina: Military Export Control Scenarios

Course Duration: Approximately


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