U.S. Export Documents and Incoterms

Export Documents and Incoterms.

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Whether contracting the services of a shipping agent or acting on its own, an exporter has final responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the documents for its transaction. CE’s U.S. Export Documents and Incoterms course introduces users to common export documents required for export shipments and Incoterms – the terms of trade used in most international transactions. The course covers the critical transfer points of responsibility, risk, and costs associated with each Incoterm, the purpose and elements of common documents used when exporting from the U.S., and recordkeeping.

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Employees directly involved in the preparation of documentation required to affect an export transaction (i.e., trade compliance, shipping and receiving, logistics, traffic, forwarding, etc.), as well as those involved in negotiating the international terms of sale
• Provide a basic understanding of the documentation that may be required in various situations to export or transfer goods from the U.S.
• Present a general overview of INCOTERMS, which are international terms of sale used between buyers and sellers that define the responsibilities of each party in relation to the delivery or in-country transfer of goods

Course Duration: Approximately


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