U.S. Exports Controls: International

Exports Controls: International.

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CE’s U.S. Export Controls: International course puts U.S. trade compliance in a global context for a non-U.S. audience. The course equips learners with the knowledge they need to identify U.S. export, import, and other trade compliance issues that could arise during their day-to-day job activities. It introduces employees to key U.S. trade regulations and concepts relevant to people working outside the U.S. but still subject to U.S. laws. It also illustrates compliance issues in real-world situations through an extensive selection of role-based scenarios. Like all CE courses, this course is designed to be configured using the CE Curator to develop training targeted to a user’s specific needs – based on things like job function, location, or compliance responsibility – and then personalized to reflect company-specific compliance policies and procedures.

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Any non-U.S.-based employees in need of awareness-level training
Describe the key concepts that are important to understanding U.S. export controls (EAR and ITAR) and U.S. sanctions regulations from a non-U.S. perspective.
Provide an understanding of how U.S. export controls and sanctions regulations affect a company’s daily business.
Explain why export compliance is an important element of an organization's success.
Provide real-world scenarios of common situations that illustrate, from a non-U.S. perspective, how the EAR or ITAR may affect a company’s daily operations and what actions must be taken to ensure compliance.
Dual-Use Scenarios
Military and Defense-Related Scenarios

Course Duration: Approximately


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