U.S.: Sanctions & Embargoes

Sanctions & Embargoes.

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Efforts to combat global terrorism dominate today’s news. This course equips employees with the information they need to conduct business in compliance with U.S. sanctions regulations. Course content details a concise overview of DDTC, OFAC, and BIS regulations and offers in-depth treatment of specific U.S. sanctions regimes, including nonproliferation, counternarcotics, counterterrorism, and country-specific regulations. Users will know how to identify situations that may invoke these regulations – and what to do – after viewing the real-world scenarios offered with this course.

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Any employees, regardless of geographic location, requiring either an overview or more in-depth knowledge of U.S. sanctions and embargoes regulations
Provide both a general overview of U.S. sanctions and embargoes, as well as more detailed information regarding select key U.S. sanctions and embargoes.

Explain how different U.S. regulatory agencies affect U.S. sanctions and embargoes.

Provide real-world scenarios of common situations that illustrate how U.S. sanctions and embargoes regulations affect a variety of activities in an organization and what actions must be taken to ensure compliance with U.S. regulations.

Course Duration: Approximately


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