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Personalized Trade Compliance Training.

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Trade Compliance Training Made Simple.

When it comes to trade compliance training, one size absolutely does not fit all. It is critical to train every employee within your organization at the appropriate level and in terms that they will understand and remember.

The training needs of your organization will depend on factors such as your jurisdiction; your products, technologies, and services; and the specific roles and responsibilities of each learner.

Our experts will help you design a comprehensive, dynamic training plan that is simple to deploy and track:


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Your personalized training solution starts with CE's world-class library. Ranging from an in-depth and detailed curriculum for trade compliance practitioners to concise but impactful 15-minute awareness training for your general employees, our content fully covers the spectrum of trade compliance training needs.

Function-specific training and scenarios in the areas of human resources, sales and marketing, engineering, and nine other functional areas have been shown to reduce penalty risk, increase employee retention, and establish a strong compliance culture.

content enablers logo watermarkCurate a Powerful Customized Solution.

We know your institutional knowledge and legacy training are invaluable resources critical to your compliance success. That's why our Personalized Training solution allows you to:

  • Customize elements to meet your exact training needs, with translation options for additional languages
  • Embed legacy training, company policies, CEO video messages, videos of webinars or Skype/Zoom/Webex meetings, and other instructor-led training into one cohesive presentation
  • Build configurations for different functions, divisions, and locations

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Deploy and manage training via Content Enablers' comprehensive cloud-based Learning Management System or on your internal corporate university. A full range of quizzes and knowledge-check functionality options are available to assess comprehension and retention.

content enablers logo watermarkContinuous Learning and Updates.

Content Enablers offers the distinct advantages of keeping you updated as regulations continually evolve and change. We monitor the regulations and update courses so you don’t need to worry about training that becomes obsolete as soon as you take it. All learners will also have access to a full range of continuous learning elements to reinforce and apply lessons learned.

Industry Differentiation.

Effective learning must use terms, images, and scenarios that are relevant to learners. CE has differentiated training tracks and ready-to-deploy Pilot Packages for these major industry sectors.

Aerospace & Defense

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Medical / Biotech / Pharma

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Content Enablers offers certification options from leading academic and professional partners such as the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University and the Institute of Export and International Trade in the UK.


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